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Leadership Team Bios
Mays & Associates has assembled a very successful team of individuals and companies to help bring the OmniPro business model to the marketplace. Included are registered EEG and PSG technologists, board certified medical specialists, two groups of software developers, a highly qualified hardware development company, and a well respected equipment manufacturer. Mays & Associates also maintains good working relationships with consulting firms that regularly contribute on issues such as FDA submissions and approvals, electrical stress testing, legal and accounting matters, and experts on network and server solutions.

Burke L. Mays, Founder and President:
Early in his healthcare career Mays realized that hospitals were paying too much for sleep disorders services. Mays developed a business model unique in the industry—cut costs by providing the basic service without the unnecessary "bells and whistles" and then pass the savings on to his customers. He invested in state-of-the-art proprietary hardware and software and a top-notch service team. As a result, his customers receive high quality, cost effective service. Mays is a visionary leader who embodies the creative, entrepreneurial spirit that keeps Mays & Associates constantly evolving and continually improving.
Todd M. Eiken, R. PSG T., Technical Director:
Todd Eiken has over 20 years experience in the field of sleep disorders medicine and extensive experience in health services administration with an emphasis in multi-disciplinary sleep disorders centers. He has served as Director for several accredited full-service sleep centers, Program Director for national training programs for physicians and technologists, Director of durable medical equipment operations specializing in NCPAP therapy and Director of numerous outreach sleep diagnostic programs including in-home portable monitoring. His history of extensive involvement in professional activities includes exam development for the Board of Polysomnographic Technologists for over 10 years, as well as Education Committee Chair, Director at Large and President of the Association of Polysomnographic Technologists. He has written numerous software programs used in sleep disorders data analysis and acquisition. He is a frequent speaker and recognized expert in sleep disorders technology at international and regional conferences, and has authored many technical and research articles. He currently serves as an Advisory Board member for an accredited associate degree program in polysomnography and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Sleep Review Journal. His current research interests include alternative PSG monitoring methods and medical equipment evaluation and validation. (Resume available upon request).
Richard T. Hoos, M. D., Medical Director:
Dr. Hoos, a Nashville, Tennessee neurologist, has been in practice in Nashville since 1978, including a very enjoyable 5 years as Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical School, his alma mater. He has been Chief of Staff at Southern Hills Medical Center and President of the Tennessee Academy of Neurology. While practicing at Southern Hills, he incorporated a sleep lab into his private practice and provided service to the military from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He is currently in private practice with the Nashville Medical Group, a large multi-specialty group based at Nashville Baptist Hospital. Dr. Hoos holds himself and his associates to the highest of standards. Dr. Hoos is held in very high regard in the Nashville medical community.
Mousab Almusaddy, MD, FCCP, D, ABSM.
Dr. Almusaddy’s primary practice is as a Mays & Associates professional staff team member. He is a Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist and practiced in Eastern Kentucky November of 2006 where he was Medical Director of the Pulmonary and Sleep Clinic at Harlan Medical Center. He did his postgraduate training at the University of Missouri-Columbia and is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine (scored in the 97th percentile). He is a fellow at The American College of Chest Physicians. Dr. Almusaddy has earned the respect of both his professional colleagues and the patients he serves through his dedication to quality health care.
Michael McFadden, Data Analysis and Data Management Development:
Michael McFadden has been in the software engineering industry for more than fifteen years. He has designed and developed a multitude of software solutions ranging from stand-alone desktop applications to n-tier enterprise level systems. He works or has worked as a consultant, senior software engineer, and software architect for companies of all sizes, including governmental agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Michael graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas earning a Master of Science in Computer Science. Michael graduated, with honors, from Texas Lutheran University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. Additionally, Michael holds certifications as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), and a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.NET (MCSD.NET).

Along with his considerable training and practical experience programming a wide variety of software solutions Michael has participated in several projects related to sleep medicine. This familiarity along with his extensive involvement in guiding other projects through the FDA and into the marketplace makes him a valued member of the Mays & Associates team.
Roy Williams, Ph. D., P.E., Data Acquisition Software Development:
Roy Williams is an accomplished software engineer who has worked as a software developer consultant for Mays & Associates since 2000. He owns FEO Medical, Inc., a biomedical instrumentation design and development company in business since 1990, which is also a National Instruments Alliance Member for LabVIEW development projects. He is the recipient of many engineering honors, has been a frequent speaker at several prestigious conferences and has published several articles in technical journals. He has obtained his Patent Agent License allowing him to monitor intellectual property protection of our technologies. In addition, Roy owns several patents in the Biomedical Instrumentation area involving both hardware and software. He also maintains and services medical devices at several ambulatory surgery centers. His experiences allow Roy to advise and aid the Mays & Associates engineering team in numerous areas including design, development, maintenance and intellectual property protection.
Tommy G. Cooper, P.E., Hardware System Development:
Tommy Cooper has been registered as a professional engineer in Texas and has over 30 years experience. In 1986 he founded CCS/Cooper Consulting Service an engineering design and development company specializing in electronic medical products. He served as industry co-chairman of the AAMI Blood Pressure Monitoring Committee for 12 years. He has several publications and holds eleven patents in the field of medical instrumentation. He has worked as an independent consultant designing medical instrumentation for Mays & Associates since 2001. Tommy's extensive engineering experience was applied to all aspects of the development of the OmniPro system. CCS will continue to work with Mays & Associates to enhance OmniPro's functionality and to develop additional complementary systems.
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