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Create a Sleep Lab Using Existing Resources!
with Mays & Associates Sleep Disorders Testing
The heart of the Mays & Associates business model is to place our system in client hospitals at no capital equipment cost. Our clients are charged per study and there are no minimum volume requirements. There are no long-term contractual requirements. We provide the most current web-based, high-speed file transfer and reporting technology, which shrinks turnaround time to hours. These features virtually eliminate all of the barriers normally encountered by the hospital decision makers. Mays & Associates provides a turn-key operation. We own and manage the hardware and software, the service, and all of the technical and professional aspects of the business so our clients don't have to.
PSG Service Description
Mays & Associates provides the hardware, software, and the expertise to perform attended Level I polysomnography (PSG). Testing protocols meet and exceed commonly accepted technical standards for complex, attended PSG.
Service Highlights

The turn-around time for our PSG reports is 24 to 48 hours while others can take weeks.


Our remote access server allows our physicians or client physicians choosing to read their own studies to do so on-line from off-site locations.

- We train client technologists first on-site and then continue training using live, web based technology. We are also available 24/7 with phone and live on-line support.
- Reimbursement assistance and marketing support is available to our clients when requested.
- We use state-of-the-art data acquisition equipment.
- Each PSG is graded for technical quality. Only records that meet satisfactory standards are submitted for interpretation.
- Completed studies are uploaded to our secure, HIPAA compliant website. Physician reports are communicated back to the client using the same protected technology.
- Our continuous quality improvement program includes periodic analysis comparisons to ensure a consistently high level of accuracy. Treatment compliance and follow-up program support is also available.
- Analysis and interpretation are performed by board certified sleep specialists and registered polysomnographic technologists.
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