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with Mays & Associates Sleep Disorders Testing
How can you charge so much less than your competitors?
Our business model is built on running a very efficient business with low overhead. We pass our savings on to our customers.

How long is our commitment under your contract?
Our contract is a simple and straightforward one-year agreement with a 30-day cancellation clause. We are so committed to providing excellent service at a competitive price we back it up with the option of canceling in 30 days.

Aside from the per study charge, do we have any additional costs?
Your costs are minimal and include providing a room that is furnished for sleep studies, disposable electrodes, a clinical Positive Airway Pressure device, and a technician. All other necessary equipment is supplied by Mays & Associates at no extra cost to you.
How quickly do we get reports?
Reports are uploaded onto a secure website through our proprietary Virtual Private Network (VPN) and reports are ready for download through the VPN to our clients within 24 to 48 hours.
How do we set up a room for sleep studies?
We will advise you on how to set up the room and will recommend the various necessary materials such as the kind of bed and other furniture that will be the most effective.

Who in the hospital should run the sleep lab?
We suggest training the Respiratory Therapy department because of familiarity with the terms, jargon and protocols surrounding sleep studies and with nasal PAP application, the most common form of treatment for sleep disordered breathing.

What about training?
Initially, we do on-site training and follow up with live, on-line training until everyone at your site is fully trained. We also have web-based training that can be accessed as needed.

What about procedures and protocol?
We provide boilerplate forms for procedures and protocols.

Do your physicians have medical licensing in my state?
We currently have licenses in 35 states. When we contract with a client in a state in which we do not have licensing, we obtain the necessary licensing.

Can your staff physician read the studies?
Yes, we have a protocol for that.

Are we HIPAA compliant?
Yes, our services, reporting, physical facility, data storage, and protocols and procedures are all HIPAA compliant.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use our proprietary 16-channel Omni-Pro System, capable of polysomnography and electroencephalography.

Can we buy your system?
No, we don’t sell it. As a result, you have no maintenance fees or upgrade expenses.

How much money can our hospital make with a sleep lab?
The average one-bed sleep lab can conservatively generate over $115K per year in revenue (based on an average of 12 studies per month at $1200 per study).
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